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I hope that you will enjoy using these pictures, as much as I enjoyed drawing them !
Please read my TERMS AND CONDITIONS before downloading. Thank you.

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Golden Retirever Blinkies and Stamps for your collection.

I love Goldens Blinkie

Adopt a Cute Puppy for Your Website

Tammy's Teddy


Love Puppy

My Tammy Golden Puppy Funny Picture Strips

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Golden Retriever Puppy Picture Strip

Picture strip of a Golden Retriever Puppy getting into mischief

Funny Picture Strip of a Golden Retriever


Puppy Dog Birthstones

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January Birthstone being worn by a cute Puppy dog
Garnet - January

February birthstone
Amethyst - February

March birthstone
Aquamarine - March
April birthstone
Diamond - April

May birthstone

Emerald - May

June birthstone being held by a cute dog
Pearl - June
July birthstone
Ruby - July
august birthstone
Peridot - August

september birthstone puppy
Sapphire - September

dog holding October birthstone
Opal - October
november birthstone dog
Citrine - November
december birthstone dog
Topaz - December


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