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Tammy and myself looking lovingly at one another

Tammy and myself spent our days together only parted by my many hospital admissions. The thought of returning home and being reunited with my Tammy was all that pulled me through. Our love gave me strength even in the most serious of situations and struggles.
Tammy herself became seriously ill aged only 5 , she had developed a cyst in her womb and needed emergency surgery. It was one of the worst times for me. She had been in terrible pain, but had still tried to bring her balloons to me. Luckily, thankfully she quickly recovered

She was meant to be resting, but I couldn't stop her from jumping up on my knee as always.
Tammy and me had a regular ritual of who would reach my(our) chair first. Of course Tammy always won ! Just as soon as she saw me heading for the chair Whoosh she was off and launching herself into it ! I would then try and squeeze myself into a little corner, until she was eventually laying on top of me and burying her nose into me and snorting and sighing. I would stroke her head and down her golden silky ears. Sheer Ecstasy ! a ritual so simple so often done, so loved.

Tammy a full sized adult Golden Retriever sitting on me in a garden lounger

Tammy playing tug with my shoeThis ritual also happened with the garden chairs, As soon as she saw my chair was put up in the garden she would bark and bark until I went out. I always wore some old plastic yellow sandals - well that was my intention, but of course they were really Tammy's and she soon had them off my feet and would run away with them. We played many a friendly tug of war with those silly old precious shoes !
I had many pet names for Tammy over the years including baby, cup cake, but mostly it was Angel I always said to her in my Tammy voice "You're Mummy's little Angel Fluff and I love you more than anyone in all the world and back again twice" I think she understood.
Over the years my health problems became worse and Tammy became older, the vet always said that she was doing remarkable well for her age. On her 10th birthday ~I gave her a large collection of balloons with the number 10 on. They were hung up so there would be no chance of her stealing them, but she chased them around and around and still tried to catch them and bring one to me. I always wrapped Tammy's birthday and Christmas gifts, everyone new which gifts were Tammy's as they were covered with the most ribbons and bows ! She loved to rip open her parcels and find the treasures a tasty morsel, or a new squeaky toy. Her favourite toy was a squeaky Teddy bear which Jackie bought her from Selfridges. She loved that Teddy and could retrieve him by name from all her other toys. I don't know what happened to Teddy, he just seemed to have disappeared. I still hope that one day I may come across him.Tammy on her 10th birthday with her much loved baslloons

Tammy loved her holidays, even though she was nearly 12 when she took her first one. I am sure she thought that we were all mad for not being on holiday all the time ! She loved them more than all of us.
Tammy's travels took her all over England to seaside resorts, the countryside. She drank special water from a wishing well, wandered around Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds, and to my delight she also visited Gills Lap. Gills Lap is The Enchanted Place described by A. A. milne in his famous Winnie the Pooh books. This is how he described it

"Being Enchanted its floor was not like the floor of the Forest, gorse
and bracken and heather but close-set grass, quiet and smooth and green. It
was the only place in the Forest where you could sit down carelessly without
getting up again almost at once and looking for somewhere else. Sitting there
they could see the whole world spread out until it reached the sky, and whatever
there was all the world over was with them in Galleons Lap"

I am a Pooh fan, but I was not physically able to visit this special place so Tammy went for me and rushed back to comfort me afterwards as I was stranded on a steep path in the Ashdown Forest. I am so glad that she made it to The Enchanted Place.
Everywhere Tammy went people would stop and fuss her and tell her she was the most beautiful dog. This met with Tammy's approval and she lapped it all up "What a beautiful dog" Everyone would say, of course I agreed and was a very proud mum

myself and Tammy at Flatford Mill, SuffolkOur last holiday together was in suffolk during October 1999. Tammy was over 14 years old, but she was still a puppy at heart, and was as keen and as active as she could be. Since 98 I was using a wheelchair, Tammy accepted it very well, and she soon discovered that if she laid directly behind my wheels, I couldn't go anywhere without her knowing ! On the last day of this holiday we went to a craft centre called Stonham Barns. To my delight there was a Teddy Bear shop there and I managed to bump up the step to get inside Tammy most definitely did not approve and she barked and barked and refused to be led away and she stayed right there until I came out ! My mother then went in and Tammy laid happily next to me outside as I reached down to stroke her ears. A nice man from the pet centre came over to talk to Tammy and pet her, he could not believe how old she was, as she looked so well. He said "You can see how much she loves you " I replied "We love each other very much" A complete stranger could see the love between us, his words meant so much to me. I will never forget them.

Tammy's 12th Birthday