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Golden retriever puppy
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The Golden Retriever we know and love today was the result of one mans dedication to breed the perfect dog. Lord Tweedmouth was an English Peer whom had a vision of a pure yellow retriever dog who would retrieve birds during hunts.

His quest began in 1865 when he visited the Earl of Chichester who was a dog breeder.
Lord Tweedmouth bought a single yellow wavy coated puppy from a litter of black Retrievers.
The dogs name was Nous, and he was the foundation of the Golden Retriever breed.

In 1867 Lord Tweedmouth was given a Water Spaniel bitch, whom he named Belle. The following year Belle gave birth to four yellow bitches, Nous was the proud father. One of the puppies was named Cowslip (after an English wild flower) and in 1873 she bred with another Water Spaniel and Topsy was born.

In 1876 Cowslip was bred with a Red Setter and Jack was born. Topsy was bred with a black wavy coated Retriever named Sambo which led to the birth of Zoe. Zoe was then inbred with Jack who became parents to Gill and Nous II

Gill was then bred with a black Retriever called Tracer which led to the birth of Quennie in 1882. In 1889 Quennie was inbred with Nous II which resulted in Prim and Rose. Prim and Rose were 47% Setter 35% Lesser St.Johns Newsfoundlad 12% Springer Spaniel 6% Water Dog

The quest for the beautiful, intelligent, graceful Golden Retriever lasted for a quarter of a century.

In 1913 The Kennel Club registered Golden Retrievers as a distinct breed. In the same year The Golden Retriever Club was founded.

Golden Retrievers have been imported to countries all over the world where they have been admired and well loved.

I think Lord Tweedmouth would be proud.


Golden Retriever Characteristics