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golden retriever puppy Tammy laying in the crook of my armWhen I first saw Tammy she was a 6 week old bundle of fluff in my sister's arms. I was very ill with undiagnosed diabetes at the time, and was laying on my bed. I couldn't believe how small she was as my sister lowered her into my arms, and into my heart. She sniffed me and licked my ever present teddy bear, then Tammy laid constantly across my chest as if she had always been there. After a little while she wandered around my bed and started sniffing around I knew what that meant but before we could do anything a large puddle flooded over my mattress. That was it really myself and Tammy were bonded together forever !
We cuddled together for months she loved to lay on me which became her position in life on top of me ! Even when she was a fully grown Golden Retriever she still laid on or sat on me, and I wouldn't have had it any other way .Like all other puppies she went through a friendly biting stage and I remember one day lifting my arm and there was Tammy with all four feet off the ground dangling from my arm ! She never hurt me and was always gentle, she could fetch and carry balloons (her favourites) without popping them.golden retriever Tamy holding a ballon in er mouth and balanced with her tail !

I eventually went into a Diabetic coma and was not expected to survive, the nurse told my mother to talk to me. I have no memory of this but she talked about my Tammy and I am certain that it somehow the sound of my angels name penetrated that coma, and brought me back to her.
When I returned home from the hospital Tammy was enormous and was peacefully sleeping in the hall. I don't think she recognised me at first, but then she slowly wandered over and buried her nose into my middle and took deep snorts and whined with doggie ecstasy, she remembered that I was her mum !

golden snugThose days and all the years that followed were difficult with my health and disabilities worsening each year. But Tammy always gave me courage, love and strength, and a reason to carry on. "Best Friends" ? No that statement doesn't even come close ! We were entwined physically and emotionally, you could not tell where Tammy finished and I began !
Fuss, stokes and cuddles Tammy could never have enough of them and if she thought you were not giving her enough she would nudge you with her nose or paw and ask for more.
Tammy loved life and was enthusiastic about everything, especially retrieving and Oh goodness did she retrieve ! slippers, socks, towels, well anything that wasn't nailed down really, and they were always more appealing than the bags full of doggie toys she had ! As mentioned before she loved balloons and could bounce them off her nose and catch them, she could carry them around without bursting them. Unfortunately if one did pop she also loved to eat them. If I couldn't get there in time it was a matter of anxiously waiting for them to reappear later !

She had her first encounter with the sea in September 86 and she loved it I kept her lead on fearing her enthusiasm may lead her to far out and she joyfully skipped in the sea as I paddled. Winding the long lead around and around my legs. We ended up one big splashing tangle, I am sure she was laughing at me ! Later that day I bought an ice cream cornet all to herself, she loved that !
One early golden Autumn afternoon Tammy took myself my mother(Iris) and sister (Hackie) to Epping Forest for a walk. As soon as the car stopped she jumped out with my sister holding her lead. The all of a sudden Whoosh Jackie was face down on the forest floor being dragged behind a galloping year old Retriever ! Then Tammy was free and fearing that she would charge for a nearby road I threw myself in her path and she crashed into me and me into her we rolled over and over. Iris stood laughing her head off at the whole fiasco.....but her turn was to come. As we tried to stop laughing and got cleaned up Tammy took Iris for a stroll, then sniff..sniff Tammy had detected something irresistible for dogs. Yes there it was she had found it and rolled over and over in it. Yes you guessed it was a large wet smelly cow pat ! So there she was the most beautiful Golden Retriever in the world covered in cow poo ! The trip back home in the confined car was one never to be forgotten Phew