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Making a Web Site

My Tammy is the third web site I have made. While I am certainly no expert I have picked up a few tips to share with you which may be helpful if you are embarking on making a web site as a tribute for your dog, or indeed any site.

Before I made my first site I knew nothing about HTMl etc, so I started by reading an awesome looking book on HTML and teaching myself through trial and error ( a lot of error ! )
I typed all my code into the Windows notepad. I have now progressed to using an HTML editor, but these are not foolproof, and you really need to have a knowledge of HTML to use them.

Once you have learnt the coding you can begin the fun part - designing your site ! I have found that the best way to start is to sit down with a large notepad and pencil and sketch out your site. Ask yourself these questions -

  1. What content will be on your site
  2. How will your visitors navigate your site ?
  3. What information will you include on each page ?
  4. What colour scheme will you use?


You should have a clear vision of your site before you embark on making it. Of course it won't ever be exactly as you planned you may need to change and improve things as you go along. A good site is never finished !

You should only use web safe colours on your site - A Quick Online Color Picker Tool

If you do not wish to learn HTML and Javascript etc you can build your site online. You can do this at places such as Geocities and Tripod

Many Internet Service providers include free web space with your account. Check their website for information on how to use it. If that is not the case there are plenty of places which offer free web space, but these usually come with lots of pop up adverts which will appear on your site. Alternativiley you can buy your own domain name and buy web site hosting, this can be an expensive option!


If you are making a tribute site for your dog then you will obviously want to include some photos. You should save these as either jpgs (better quality ) or gifs (smaller file size and can have transparent areas)

You could also draw some images of your own it is easier than you may think, and it is worth trying. I have made a few images for you if you would like to use them on your site. Of course you should never take images from a site unless you have permission and have read their terms and conditions.

To protect the images you have made put the script below in between the <head> tags on your page. It works in Explorer

<!--script from -->


var message="No right clicking !"
function click(e)
if (document . all)
if (event . button == 2)
alert (message) ;
return false;

if (e.which == 3)
alert (message) ;
return false;



When you created links you will notice that they are automatically given a line underneath them. If you would like to remove this line, copy the code below and paste it in between the <head> tags of your page.

<!--script from -->
<style type="text/css">
a { text-decoration: none}


Lissa Explains it All