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Virtual Desktop dogs

virtual dog

Virtual Desktop Dogs scamper around your computer desktop. I have downloaded a lot of them, they are cute and lots of fun ! Below I have written a review of my favourite ones with a link to the page where they can be downloaded.

Please remember that you should always use your anti- virus program to scan any downloaded files from the Internet

The Dogs Trust have just released this new app for the iphone and ipad.

iMutt is your chance to look after an impossibly cute virtual rescue dog for five days.

Regular walking, feeding and grooming keeps your new best friend happy and helps him find his forever home.


This desktop puppy seems to be the American equivalent to our Andrex puppy very cute.

rspca cyberpet

R.S.P.C.A. Cyberpet
You can choose to adopt a dog or a cat cyberpet. The dog is wonderful! She/He plays ball, you can take them for a walk and of course feed them. There are sound effects too, my favourite ids the dog snoring in her/his sleep!

Blue Cross Dog and Cat
The Blue Cross are an Animal charity and you can choose from either a dog or cat desktop pet. They are cartoonish in style. You can play ball with the dog - you throw the ball and the doggy runs after it.

Cats and Dogs
This features characters from the "Cats and Dog"s Movie. A dog, cat and best of all a lady zooming across your screen in her wheelchair ! There is music and sounds, and several different animation's.


Online Virtual Dogs

Nintendo Dogs UK
At this site you can take your Nintendo Dog to the Bark Park, where you can collect goodies to download such as icons

Adopt Me
You can adopt a Black Lab, Poodle, also cats, a horse and hamster. You must visit each day to walk, groom and feed your pet. It is fully animated and includes lots of sounds. Fun and very cute !

Virtual Dog
There are many breeds of dogs to pick from including a Golden Retriever You can train your dog, feed him/her The site can be slow and contains lots of adverts.