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My Angel Fluff

I miss your nose nudging me again and again
I just can’t stand this pain

I miss you barking for more treats
I wish I could give them you now
Oh why does my damn heart still beat ?

My one true devoted, loving friend has left
I love you more than anyone
I am completely and utterly bereft

In ambulance and hospital bed
So much pain remained unsaid
Resuscitation the forms said
But don’t they know my spirit is dead

I love you beyond all words
Everyone thinks its just a bit of sadness that will go
But Tammy only us two really know

I should have been with you at the end
The only last thing I could do for you
My very best friend

My love was with you then and now
It will never end
Our love will last forever
Tammy my dearest, loving friend

I don’t believe in heaven or hell
All I believe is the here and now
Your ashes are by my side
And a million tears I’ve cried
And I’m crying still, and I always will


No more soft loving glances
No silly pet names
No Angel Fluff
No happy to see you dances
Or silly daft games

No soft loving strokes
No cuddles and snuggles

No nose to give me gentle reminding pokes
No paw reaching out
No baby laying on rugs
No friend to come rushing when I call out

No more hairs on my things
No treats to give
No bootie she brings
No just “being there”
No one to love and care

No more ecstasy from just sharing a glance

Illness and disability I must now face alone
When I return from hospital
You will never be at home

My strength has all gone
My spirit has flown

I love you so much Tammy, and now I am completely

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