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Passing Time

At six weeks old Tammy came to stay
Full of fun and always ready to play
She lay on my bed for a cuddle and
promptly made a large puddle !

We cuddled, huddled, and kissed
When I had to go in hospital
I know I was missed

In a coma I lay day after day
I couldn't see, think or hear
Death was so near

My mother talked of Tammy
My best friend needed me
So death could not be

Life became so hard to bear
But the love between Tammy and me
Is something so rare

Three minutes apart is a lifetime
When we see each other again
We both regain our shine

Fourteen years on and a lot has gone wrong
My bodys been ravaged and wrecked
and won't do as it is told
My Tammy has grown old

Tammy's bone creak and are sore
But she still offers her paw and says
"Come on mum lets have some fun"

So we both shut our eyes -
and we are paddling in the sea, happy and free
Cuddling on the floor
and Oh so much more

We open our eyes and
I am in a wheelchair and it's Ok cause
Tammy is right there by my side

Each other is all we really need


Tammy and  myself at Petworth Park, West Susses, England

Tammy taking me for a walk in Petworth Park, West Sussex, England

Tammy andmyself at Flatford Mill

Togehter at Flatford Mill, Suffolk, England. This is where Constable painted his famous "Haywain" painting. It was a sunny Autumn day, on what was to be our last holiday together.


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