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I am so very sorry that you need to read this page.

We all like to think that we will never be parted from our beloved best friend, I know that I certainly used to think this about Tammy and me. But of course the inevitable always happens, the day comes when you have to say goodbye forever.

If you can face it - I think it would be a good idea to prepare for this well in advance. When Tammy collapsed her normal vet was doing quarantine another rotten vet refused to visit and Tammy's life was ended in hospital without me. Which was unimaginably horrible, for both of us. So please be brave and make plans in advance try to find a vet who will visit you at home and a second vet who would also be willing to do this just in case the first one can't make it. Work out who you can call on for help and support maybe neighbours or friends. If you need to take your pet to the hospital you may need help getting her/him into a car. Is there a local animal ambulance? Will your local taxi firm take dogs ? Write all this information down and keep it in a safe place, on the heartbreaking day it will help to have this info on hand.

Some of your friends, colleague's, and family may be insensitive to the lose of your loved one. Saying such things as "It was only a dog it can be replaced" and other such thoughtless remarks. It is hard but please try not to allow them to add to your pain. You should pity them really, as they obliviously have never known the true unconditional love which you have. If you had not loved so much, and been so happy you would not feel the pain you feel now. Remember the cuddles, the games, the walks, the unique times you spent together. They will remain with you always.

Guilt is often felt following a death, I have a lot of guilt about how My Tammy died. It was all out of my hands and there was nothing I could do. I know this, but I still feel guilty, you may also feel this way too, it is normal. Please read the excellent Dealing with Guilt page on the
US Pet Loss Site

You are not "silly" for feeling the way you do, your best friend who you loved and cared for over many years has suddenly gone and has left a huge painful empty void in your life. You are allowed to grieve. Grief is Grief and Pain is Pain no matter if your loved one had four legs or two.

Be kind to yourself, don't try to hold back your tears. Every time you do something without your friend it WILL hurt there is no getting away from it, it takes time. Some days you may feel able to cope better than others this is normal. Sometimes something will suddenly remind you and you may burst into tears even if you thought that you were starting to improve and go on with your life.

I have no magic solution as I write this it is over 18 months since My Tammy died and tears are flooding down my face. I miss her every single day. Everyone's circumstances are different, my own are certainly different to most. I offer you my heartfelt sympathy and hope that you will find your way through your grief and will reach peace in your heart.

Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Below are some links to help you find more support and help with the loss of your best friend.

Pet Bereavement Support Service

The Pet Bereavement Support Service is a telephone support line that offers support to bereaved pet owners in UK, through a national network of trained volunteer Telephone Befrienders. It is jointly run by SCAS and animal welfare charity The Blue Cross.

Download the Blue Cross Pet Bereavement leaflet

Blue Cross support line is open seven days a week 8:30am - 8:30pm with an answerphone outside these hours. To make contact, call the freephone number 0800 096 6606.
or email them at

pet loss


My Tammy memorial Page You can write a memorial for your beloved Pet and upload a picture of them here - it is a free service.

Watch a Beautiful Flash Movie of "The Rainbow Bridge" Story"

When I listened to Journey Through Pet Loss, I finally knew, that I had found someone who actually understood how I was feeling.

There are suggestions on how to cope with your loss, and poetry to echo your own feelings.

The pain never goes away, but this audio book helped me to try and cope during my darkest of days.

More Pet Loss Books

My Poetry Page My own and others poetry on pet loss, grief and also happier times

Ways to remember your loved one
Tributes, memorials, and ideas to remember your beloved dog or pet.


Pet LossWays to RememberPet Loss Song
PoetryAdd A Memorial
and A Picture of Your Pet
Send a Pet Loss Sympathy Postcard
Making A Memorial ScrapbookMy Experience of Losing My Beloved Tammy


My Tammy Angel was custom made for me by Karen

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